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General conditions and clauses

The lesee declares having received the vehicle in perfect condition, being obliged to return it under the same conditions and on agreed terms. The damages caused during the rental period will be borne by the lessee.


The lessor offers the client a Civil Liability insurance (damages to third parties) with bail. The all-risk insurance excludes the damage to the wheels, the clutch and the loss of keys.

This insurance and the contract will be invalid, without obligation to the vehicle replacement, in the following cases:

  • The vehicle is driven by a person other than the lesee
  • The driver violates the local Traffic Code laws.
  • Damage are caused intentionally.
  • The vehicle is driven off -roads or on sidewalks.
  • The driver drives under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  • The vehicle is driven out of the island of Ibiza.
  • The lessee dedicates it to any activity when it directly or indirectly involves subrenting the vehicle.

When the insurance is invalidated by the aforementioned, the lessee is liable for the damage caused to the vehicle due to theft, accident, breakdown, loss or loss of its parts, as well as the days when the vehicle is stopped for reparing.

The following damages are expressly excluded from insurance coverage:

  • Damage to the vehicle such as sheet metal dents without breaking the layer of paint and scratches less than 5cm in length that break the paint layer, at a fee of 150 euro each damage.
  • Damage to the vehicle such as sheet metal dents that break the paint layer and require sanding of sheet metal at a fee of 250 euro per damage
  • The impacts on any panel of the vehicle, as well as the breakage of the bumper from 500 euro (depending on the model).
  • The damages to the low parts with affectation of the cárter, the roof or the structure of the vehicle starting from 500 euros.
  • The expenses caused by the erroneous fuel report by the lessee of 200 euros.
  • Lost of keys between 80 and 200 euro depending on the model.
  • The disappearance breakage or damage caused to the lighter of the car, music equipment, signaling triangle, vests, cap, tools, light kit, upholstery, windshield wipers, cap and fuel cap or similar at a rate of 100 euro each item.
  • Tires between 100 and 400 euro depending on the model, complete wheel between 150 euro and 400 euro depending on the model of the vehicle.
  • The partial or total breakage of any of the rear windows or mirrors of the vehicle, the damage caused inside the vehicle not described above at a rate of 180 euro for each damage.
  • Rupture or damage to the lights iindicator, headlights between 250 and 500 euro.
  • The fines will be provided to the issuer of the data of the lessee, so that it is redirected to your home and your credit card will be charged an amount of 30 euro for administrative expenses for its management.
  • Cleaning: the condition of the interior of the vehicle when returning it must be acceptable, due to normal use. If not, a penalty of between 40 and 130 euros will be applied.

All the aforementioned damages will have to be paid by means of the discount of the deposited bond or, if it exceeds this amount, with a charge in cash or to the credit card of the lessee.


Obligatory be over 21 years.


The lessee authorizes the lessor to charge on his credit / debit card, all extra charges generated by the return of the vehicle, according to the clauses of this contract.


The lessee authorizes the following measures in case of accident suffered with the rented vehicle.

  • Not recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the act.
  • Obtain complete information from the opposing party, completing the form delivered together with the vehicle’s documentation, which will be sent urgently to the lessor, notifying him by telephone in case of a serious accident.
  • Notify the authorities immediately if there is culpability of the opposing party.
  • Do not abandon the vehicle without taking adequate measures to safeguard it
  • Together with the amount of the damage arising, the lessor is entitled to claim loss of profits from the lessee due to the inability to use the damaged vehicle.